Enjoy history on the Gotthard Panorama Express and turn travel into an experience. This is a unique combination of boat and train journeys on the route between Central Switzerland and Ticino.

Experience history

As well as connecting boat and train, the Gotthard Panorama Express also brings together two of the most attractive regions in Switzerland to provide a first-class experience. Besides the super panorama, you can also gain detailed insight into the history of this landmark route. The legend of the Gotthard, the holy Gotthard, is too difficult to describe and you simply have to experience it. This includes three world records, a watershed, the oldest and most important connection between the north and south.

The route

The journey begins on the motorboat or steamboat in Lucerne. From here it goes past mystical bays, picturesque landscapes and early Swiss locations that are steeped in history, such as the Schiller Stone or the Rütli Meadow, where Switzerland was founded in 1291. In Flüelen, you change from the boat to the 1st class panorama train, with a warm reception from the tour guides. You then continue by train on the world-famous and historical Gotthard route towards southern Switzerland. There you will have three views of the Wassen Church, which has achieved fame worldwide due to the bold railway system with its many loop tunnels. On the journey through the stunning Reuss Valley in Uri and the Gotthard Tunnel, which opened in 1882, you are treated to exciting stories and visual presentations about the unique Gotthard region. Finally, you are met by the varied Mediterranean countryside of Ticino, and the welcome sight of palm trees.

Travel guide

Guests are supported by a multilingual travel guide on the panorama train. They point out the most important sights of interest along the route to passengers and are available to answer questions.

Photo coach

The photo coach is located at the centre of the train, and is available for you to take photos during the panoramic journey. You can open the window for photographs. Please take note of the relevant safety instructions in the coach.

Visual presentations

Various loudspeaker announcements are played throughout the entire train journey between Flüelen and Lugano. The sequences tell the story of the construction of the Gotthard Railway around 1880 as well as its impact up to the present. Various images and short film sequences are projected onto the wall of the Gotthard Tunnel. The lights are dimmed in the train and the speed reduced during the visual presentation.


A variety of souvenirs can be purchased while travelling on the Gotthard Panorama Express. The travel guides will be pleased to give information about this.

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