Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV)

Welcome to Lake Lucerne

In 2019, the Lake Lucerne Navigation company (SGV) operated a total of 5 steam and 15 motor boats. One of the older SGV boats, which is still running today, is the steamboat Schiller. Its maiden voyage took place on 21 May 1906. The steamboat is particularly suitable for celebratory events and aperitifs in the summer months. The salon was built in art nouveau style and is also listed as a national historic landmark. The steamboat, with a tonnage of 302.4, is driven by two paddle wheels, achieves an output of 515 kW and has a top speed of 28 km/h.

The newest SGV boat, the «MS Bürgenstock» (a catamaran), celebrated its maiden voyage on 24 May 2018. The boat, with a tonnage of 110.92, has a fully hybrid drive and energy management system. Two 552 kW diesel and two 180 kW electric motors are installed on the boat. The diesel engines drive the boat for half the travel time, and the boat is propelled by electric engines for the rest of the time, which are recharged during the diesel engine operation.

The journey with the Gotthard Panorama Express begins with a motor or steam boat in Lucerne. The boats are used differently depending on the season. Two examples are the MS Diamant and the steamboat «Uri».

MS Diamant

The MS Diamant has five decks: the main deck, a front salon, an upper deck, a sun deck, and a panorama deck right at the top. Maiden voyage: 2017 Passenger capacity: 1100 Propulsion: hybrid propulsion Weight: approx. 400 t Length: 63.5 m Width: 13.5 m

Steamship «Uri»

The journey by steamship can be enjoyed on the main deck, the upper deck, or in the «Uri-Stübli» lounge. Maiden voyage: 8 May 1901 Passenger capacity: 800 Propulsion: 2 paddle wheels Weight: 293.5 t Length: 61.8 m Width: 14 m

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