Greeted by palm trees

Ticino is the gateway to the South. You will love its charm and its fascinating lifestyle and Italian language.

One ticket, endless emotions

From the Gotthard massif to the gentle hills of Mendrisiotto, and from the most remote valley to the liveliest towns on the lake. With the Ticino Ticket, no corner of Switzerland’s southernmost canton remains unexplored. Stay overnight in a hotel, youth hostel or campsite, and enjoy unlimited travel on public transport. You also receive reductions on mountain railways, boat journeys and the main tourist attractions in Ticino.

Food & Wine Tour

When you take a guided tour through the historical town and city centres in Ticino, there are various interim stops where you can sample typical Ticino specialities and delicious Merlot wine. On the different stages, those taking part will hear exciting stories and discover the features of the many colourful places. The Food & Wine Tour is more than just a culinary trail: the tour is truly a moving menu!

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