Timetable Lucerne - Flüelen - Lugano (by boat and train)

The journey starts on the motorboat or steamboat from Lucerne to Flüelen. In Flüelen, you change from the boat to the 1st class panorama train. You then continue by train along the world-famous and historic Gotthard route towards southern Switzerland.

Boat BAT 13 Clock Motorboat or steamboat
dep. 11:12 Lucerne
dep. 12:10 Vitznau
dep. 13:11 Brunnen
arr. 13:55 Flüelen
Train PE 3093 Clock Train first class
dep.* 14:09 Flüelen
arr. 14:47 Göschenen
arr. 15:09 Airolo
arr.** 16:06 Bellinzona
arr.** 16:41 Lugano
  • * Stop only for boarding

  • ** Stop only for alighting

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